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About Us

Le Roche Sauvage is a small business located in Normandy, France. Our Products are created in our workshop at Le Manoir de la Roche, a 17th Century Manor House in the heart of the Normandy Maine National Park.

We Specialise in Handmade Artisanal Waxed Canvas products. Our products are unique, functional and robust, with the simple aim of being durable for long lasting everyday use.

We try to be eco responsible, using natural materials, such as leather and cotton canvas and recycled materials if possible, avoiding plastics, especially single use, where we can.

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Our Story

My Name is Ellie. I have lived in France since 2006. I came to Normandy in 2010 and met my husband Rich. We bought the Manor in 2017, she was a shell of a house. Every ounce of her being was shut down and withdrawn, her beauty hidden beneath years and years of neglect. We spent 2 years driving to and fro working every weekend to clear the mess and fix the problems and bring her back to life. The house's story is documented on another Facebook and Instagram account, search for Manoir de La Roche.

We moved in in 2019, still with huge amounts of work to do but a bit more time to do it. We have restored, renovated and repaired everything in this place ourselves and we love her as much as she loves us.

 We decided in 2020 that we needed a new focus, something to keep us busy in the winter when manual work was slow. (Rich has a house and garden maintenance business) We both came up with the idea to create something to do with the countryside. We are both avid outdoor people, animals, walking, riding, shooting, we love being outside. We decided that waxed cotton suited the idea really well, alongside other natural materials such as wool and leather. I can use a sewing machine, so we decided to try a few ideas out and make some stuff!

Le Roche Sauvage was born, the name inspired by the wild rocky outcrops behind the house and the wildlife that lives in the forest. We are Unique and we are growing, with new ideas and products already in the pipeline. 



Our current stockists

La Vie Nostagique

La Vie Nostagique

8 Rue des Americians, Chambois

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