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  • Can i request a custom order?
    Yes of course you can. just send us a message with your request and we will see whether we can help.
  • Do you ship overseas?
    Yes we do, we can ship globally. Please feel free to send us your address and we can give you a shipping quote.
  • Tell me about Waxed Canvas!
    Q: Is this fabric single waxed or double waxed? A: It is a 2-fold (double) waxed fabric, and is mid-weight Q: Can this fabric be washed in a washing machine? A: NO - THIS FABRIC SHOULD NOT BE WASHED AT ALL it can only be wiped clean using cold water and a clean cloth. Neither detergents nor chemicals should ever be used. Q: Would it require re-coating? A: For normal uses like clothing items say, re-waxing is not required frequently if used with care. Wax being heavy tends to slowly move downward if a waxed jacket is kept hanging for some time! this can be easily re-waxed by just putting the jacket in the sun for some time - this tends to loosen up the wax and helps in self coating! there are wax sprays available if re-waxing is required and even some mills offer re-waxing facilities if required. Q: Is this fabric suitable for leaving in the outdoors all year round? A: No, it is only suitable for occasional use in the outdoors. Wax tends to loosen up with heat and harden up with cold weather hence if left outdoors continuously, this results in the fabric hardening up and in-turn tearing.
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