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Green Hip Pocket

Green Hip Pocket

33,00 €Price
Excluding VAT

The Hip Pocket is a small lined waxed Canvas pouch in Dark Green Canvas. It is currently available with the linings listed below


It comes with 2 small Clip on Canvas loops to attach it to your belt loops or slip your belt through. It has an internal divider so that you can keep your phone safe from your keys or money etc.

It is small light and versatile, for almost any occasion, but big enough for a phone up to 16.5cm.

With the clips clipped together it creates a handle. on your belt it lies neatly on your thigh, does not get in the way of movement and keeps your hands free for other imortant things!


Other Lining fabrics are available to order, please message me with your requirements



  • Care Instructions

    Waxed Canvas products do not need washing. Washing will destoy the wax layer and ruin your product.

    Sponge it lightly or just leave it to dry and brush it off. Simple and sensible. No fuss.